SMA Voting Committee

We are currently interested in adding members to our 2017 Steamtown Music Awards Voting Committee. If you are interested, Please fill our the form below for consideration.

Committee Application / Nomination

The Steamtown Music Awards has established a voting committee consisting of local music journalists, producers, engineers, radio personalities, promoters, booking agents, talent managers, venue owners, musicians, and various other professionals and music authorities in NEPA or with strong ties to the area. These are the people that live and breath NEPA music.

Some members include:

 Vinne Archer  Carl Canedy  Joe Caviston  Mike Duffy Jesse Faatz
 Jack Gretz Rich Howells  Zhach Kelsch  Melissa Krahnke John Nasser
 Mike Lello   Keith Perks Jenn Sekelsky  Randy Shemanski  Alan K. Stout
Brittany Boote  Bill Nova Bob Mulkerin Trori Thomas  Freddie Fabbri
 Aaron Lamb  Mark Woodbridge Brian Errigo Matthew Corey  JD Sutphin
 Vince Volz  Peter Kelly Dave Kline

The 2016 Steamtown Music Award voting committee has not yet been finalized.

If you are interested in being a member please e-mail for more information.