The Steamtown Music Awards:

Thursday, November 18


Rule #1 of the Steamtown Music Awards: You must be present to win the awards. The committee has voted and ranked each category. If the winner for the category isn’t in attendance, we will go down the list accordingly depending on who is there. People’s choice for each category will also be awarded for each category.

The event is FREE for nominees. Meaning the people actually nominated get in for free. It’s a big night for you, so we encourage you to bring support. Bring your friends, family, significant others, to the event to enjoy your accomplishment with you. They will have to pay a small cover charge. They can purchase them at the door or here. Let’s have a great night. 

The Steamtown music awards are 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink. Food will be available at the V Spot that evening (and it’s great).

We often get asked, “What should we wear to the awards?” We always reply: “Your best Rock and Roll attire.” For some people that means a band t-shirt and jeans, for some, that means a suit and tie. Pictures and video will be taken. So, dress to stand out and impress!

Even if you don’t win, you’ve been recognized as one of the top acts in one of the best local music scenes in the country! Also, we’ve tried to give you a ton of publicity too. Don’t get mad. Come back even stronger next year.

We love and appreciate you all.

  • Doors: 5:30 pm
  • Red Carpet/Interviews Begin: 5:30 pm
  • Lineup
    • 6:15-6:45: DJ Hersh
    • 7:00: Ellie Rosentel
    • 7:30: Jay Trinity
    • 8:00: Ripped Away
    • 8:30: Mack Mulla
    • 9:00: Room 108
    • 9:30: Royal hell
    • 10:00: So Much, Hope Buried
    • 10:30 Blind Choice