Presented by Sponsorship: $1,000 (1 available)

What you get:

  • All materials read “Presented by Your Company”
  • 10 Social Media shout-outs on our social channels
  • 6 live commercial reads on the live streams of the event
  • Banner/advertising material at the event
  • All images from event feature your logo
  • Logo on-screen during the entire live stream
  • Logo at top of our website
  • Logo on top of our social media Header images
  • Open to other creative ideas

Main sponsorship: $250 (5 available)

What you get:

  • Logo on all materials
  • Logo at bottom of live streams
  • 2 Social media shout-outs
  • 1 Commerical read each night

Individual Award Sponsorship: $50 (35 Available)

What you get:

  • Your name read before award
  • Logo at bottom of advertising
  • Thank you read on live stream

Why it’s a good deal… By the numbers*

  • 2,000+ live viewers each night
  • 10,000+ Views in over a month
  • 1,000’s of impressions on social
  • 10,000’s of photo impressions
  • 20,000+ Vote impressions
  • 35+ Awards
  • 20+ performances
  • Target audience: 18-35-year-old M/F, lovers of music, food, arts, and entertainment.

*Numbers are estimated and based on previous years

We’re always open to new, fun, or creative sponsorship idea.

So, contact us.

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