The 11th Annual Steamtown Music Awards

Award Ceremony will take place on Thursday, September 12, 2024 – Nominees must be in attendance to win.

Steamtown Music Awards Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nominations will run from February 1 – August 31, 2024.
  • How are the awards judged?
    • The established board of trustees will review an artist’s work over the past calendar year, not the life of the artist’s career. Each board member will have one vote in each category.
    • Considerations that the board of trustees will use: Did the artist release new music? Did they open for notable or national acts? Did they perform at high-profile venues? Did they tour? Did they have a very strong and consistent schedule of shows? Did they achieve notable success on an online platform? Did they receive notable national or local press exposure? Did they garner a record deal? Did their followers and/or plays do considerable numbers on social media or streaming platforms? Do they have an impressive/creative marketing/social media presence? In summation, were they one of the top performers in this category in the calendar year?
    • Online voting will also take place. This will count toward 25% of the Steamtown Music Awards vote. You’ve put in the work to build your audience and fans. Use it to your advantage. Make your presence known. Those even suspected of cheating or manipulating the system in any way will be disqualified.
  • Must nominees be present to win the award?
    • Yes.
  • Will there be live performance at the show?
    • Yes.
  • What does admission look like?
    • Nominees to the event get in for FREE. Endless amounts of guests and fans are welcome to attend but must purchase a ticket.
  • Who is eligible?
    • Nominees must hail from the area referred to as North East Pennsylvania. This is mostly defined by the area code 570 — but may include other area codes.
  • I didn’t win. Why do you suck?
    • Music, art and awards are subjective. By simply being nominated or recognized by the ceremony is an accomplishment. All nominees receive a massive amount of press and publicity. Utilize it for what it is.

2024 Steamtown Music Award Nomination Form

2024 Steamtown Music Award Nominations
To be nominated for "Best New Artist" an act can never have been a finalist for a Steamtown Music Award before.
This dictates any musician that is not a Guitarist, Drummer or Bassist. Please indicate which instrument the person plays.
PLEASE INCLUDE LINK TO SONG (Song must be released between June 2023 and August 2024)
PLEASE INCLUDE LINK TO ALBUM (Album must be released between June 2023 and August 2024)
PLEASE INCLUDE LINK TO VIDEO (Video must be released between June 2023 and August 2024)
Name + Publication or Website they write for
Please include a link to a sample of the nominees work

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