Congratulations. You have been selected to perform at the 2024 Electric City Music Conference! Please fill out the form below to accept your performance slot and lock in your spot. We are also offering additional marketing opportunities for your act. There are not required, they just further help highlight your artist to industry professionals and attendees.

  • Notes for artists
  • We will follow up with more detailed information closer to the event. This is is when you will be provided with your sound person’s information, or the information for the sound system you will be playing on. Your exact time slot and your venue.
  • We will have professional photographers on hand at the event, all photos will be posted after the event and you are welcome to utilize the photos for your personal use.
  • We cannot stress enough how important attending the educational panels and networking events during the weekend is. It’s the most important part. This is how you connect, network, learn and encourage people to come check you out.
  • All performers receive weekend passes. That means you get to attend ALL the events that weekend for free – both days! You will receive these at registration. We con courage to attend as many dates as you’d like. Thursday is a kick off party + awards show and Friday the conference kicks off
  • What do now? Take the day/weekend off of work and make your hotel, airbnb, etc arrangements as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you there!
2024 Artist Acceptance
Would you be interested in adverting opportunities for your act? Not required. If you are interested, we will be in touch to discuss further.