The Steamtown Music Awards purpose is honor the best and brightest of the NEPA Music scene. Click here to view past Steamtown Music Award winners.

2018 Steamtown Music Award Nominees

And the nominees are…

Best New Artist (includes online voting)
Alex Key
Alpha Audio
Always Undecided
Lily Maiopolski
American Buffalo Ghost
Brighter Days
Ill Ray the Menace
J Merrick
Joe Lombardo
Local Concern
Piece of Mind
Shamrock Duo
The Boastfuls
The Holtzmann Effect

Acoustic/Solo Artist of the Year
Alex Key
Bret Alexander
Chris Shrive
Patrick McGlynn
Jay Luke
Jordan Ramirez
Lily Maiopolski

Blues Act of the Year
Clarence Spady
Crossroad Duo
Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen
Ed Randazzo
JP Williams Blues Band
The Soul Shakers

Country Act of the Year
Big Country
Flatland Ruckus
Mike Elward
The Wells River Band
The Tommy Guns Band

DJ of the Year
DJ Cryptic
DJ Quoth
DJ Evil Bee
Jay Velar

Duo of the Year
Always Undecided
Dem Guyz
Erich & Tyler Music Co.
Tiffany & Johnny D
Shamrock Duo
The Frost

Electronic Act of the Year
8-Bit Panda Strike
Gary Goblins
Rouge Chimp
Concious Pilot

Folk/Americana Act of the Year
American Buffalo Ghost
The Charming Beards
Zayre Mountain
Black Sage Project
The Dishonest Fiddlers

Hip-Hop Act of the Year
J Merrick
Lucas Hex
Mercy Gang

Indie Rock Act of the Year
University Drive
Black Hole Heart
Esta Coda
Jung Bergo
Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms
The Cryptid

Jam/Funk Act of the Year
Elephants Dancing
Half Dollar
Kluster Funk
Static in the Attic
Mother Nature’s Sons
Young Lion

Jazz/Classical/Big Band Act of the Year
East End Vipers
Mark Marcinko Jazz Band
Tyler Dempsey Electric Trio
West Third Street
Gary Rixner
Madd Kat

Metal Act of the Year
Behind the Grey
The Aegean
Traverse the Abyss

Pop/Top 40 Act of the Year
Black Tie Stereo
Flaxy Morgan
Light Weight
Vine Street
Nowhere Slow
Facing the Giants

Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year
Royal Hell
Talon Co.
Dreamers, Like Us
Stay Loud
Alma Mater
Death Wish Birdie

Rock/Alternative Act of the Year
Eye on Attraction
Idol Hands
Graces Downfall
Three Imaginary Boys
Destination West

Tribute/Cover Act of the Year
Dance Hall Devils
Project 90’s
No Memories
Reach for the Sky
The Molly Pitcher Path

Male Vocalist of the Year
Chris Shrive
Stephen Murphy
Patrick McGlynn
Angelo Maruzzeli
Dom Vito
Ed Couzzo
Tony Malec
R.J. Scouton

Female Vocalist of the Year
Alecia Powell
Amanda Rogan
Cierra Cellerari
Jami Kali
Katie Kelly
Jen Fracas
Katie Blake
LeahBeth Evans

Guitarist of the Year
Dustin Douglas
Mark Yanish
Jesse Mower
Michael “Duds” McDonald
Neil Nicastro
Rob Husty
Mike White
Christian Gratz

Bassist of the Year
Aaron Kovalich
Grant Williams
James Simon
Joe Quincy
Mike Capwell
Lisa Dieterrich
Wayne Kopacz
Rob Santoro

Drummer of the Year
Andrew Merkle
Anthony “Shiny” Montini
Greg Lynch
Tyler Dempsey
David Sarday
George Pachucy
Greg Ewasko
Jules Borosky

Auxiliary Musician of the Year
Christian Gratz – piano
Edward “Eddie the Harp” Czarkowski – harmonica
Frank Gruden – keyboard
Patrick Cadden – keyboard/clarinet
Ryan Lamaroux – tuba
Shannon Marsyada – piano
Tom Martin – harmonica
Brandon Rodriguez – saxophone

Album of the Year
Aaron Fink – “Wolves & Butterflies”
Dani-elle – “Eleven”
Black Tie Stereo – “Do You”
The Charming Beards – “Out of the Valley”
JP Williams Blues Band – “Stolen Cadillac”
Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen – “Break It Down”
Jay Luke – “It’s About Time”
Drew Breeze – “Sermons”

Video of the Year
Black Tie Stereo – “The Artist”
Grant Williams – “The Flood”
Half Dollar – “Gettin’ By”
Nate Williams – “Black Sheep Freestyle”
Jay Like “Side Effects”
J Merrick – “Wilkes Burial”
Toothless – “Red”
Traverse the Abyss – “Dead Weight”

Song of the Year
Alma Mater – “Speechless”
Dani-elle – “Joke’s on You”
Black Tie Stereo – “Run Jamie Run”
The Charming Beards – “Shining Star”
Traverse the Abyss – “Dead Weight”
Mercy Gang – “Road to Hell”
The Cryptid – “I’m Just Tired”
Aaron Fink – “Wolves & Butterflies”

Recording Studio of the Year (includes online voting)
After Image Studios
JL Studio
Saturation Acres
SI Studio
Side B Studios
TwentyFiveEight Studios
Werley Bird Studio
Windmill Agency

Publication/Blog of the Year (includes online voting)
NEPA Scene
Better Than the Weekend
Direct Access World Wide
Electric City/Diamond City
The Weekender

Music Journalist of the Year (includes online voting)
Alan K. Stout
Matt Mattei
Pat Kernan
Rich Howells
Patrice Wilding
Justin Adam Brown
Joey Graziano

Photographer of the Year (includes online voting)
Alex Seeley
Brittany Boote
Juliana Soroka
Keith Perks
Lisa Petz
Tom Bonomo

Radio Station of the Year (includes online voting)
Alt 92.1
88.5 Kings
91.7 VMFM Marywood Radio
98.5 KRZ
105 The River
Rock 107

Podcast/Program of the Year (includes online voting)
NEPA Scene Podcast
Podder than Hell
TwentyFiveEight Studios Podcast
Music on the Menu
The Up and Coming Drummer Podcast
F’n Millenials Podcast

Radio Personality of the Year (includes online voting)
Alan K. Stout
Johnny Popko
Freddie Fabbri
Lissa & Rocky
Kennedy Kai

Virtual Performer of the Year (includes online voting)
Chris Langan
Mark Yanish
Ed Cuozzo
Patrick McGlynn
Jon Higgins
John Nasser

Live Performer of the Year
Graces Downfall
Traverse the Abyss
Lucas Hex
Black Tie Stereo
Tommy Guns Band
DJ Hersh

Artist of the Year
Black Tie Stereo
The Charming Beards
Eye on Attraction
Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen
University Drive
Tyler Dempsey

Steward of the Scene Award
Karl Hall

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Joseph “Wiggy” Wegleski
The Glass Prism

Steamtown Music Award Guidelines & Rules

  • Nominations are accepted online. Fans, friends and family can nominate their favorite artist. New this year, artists can also nominate themselves.

Nominations will run March 1 – June 17. When nominations are completed, judging and online voting will take place.

  • Judging consists of two independent voting committees
    • 1 committee is comprised of local music industry professionals such as judges, journalists, radio professionals, booking agents, venue owners and seasoned veterans
    • 1 committee is made up music industry professionals located throughout the country with no ties to North Eastern Pennsylvania
  • A small handful of awards are voted on by the public. Voting takes place online and all possible attempts are made to prevent cheating. Those caught cheating or manipulating the system in any way will be disqualified.
  • Nominees must hail from the area known as North East Pennsylvania. This is mostly defined by the area code 570. For example: The areas surrounding Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport and the Poconos. Areas such as the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton are not eligible.
  • How does voting work? Each member of the committee gets one vote. After reviewing the artists music, videos, performance history and impact on the NEPA music scene, nominees cast a vote. The nominee with the most votes wins.


Nominations are now closed.