Every year, the Electric City Music Conferencestrives to make charitable contributions. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to make donations to many worthy causes. Unfortunately, every year, it gets more difficult to donate money generated by the conference to a charity, because as the event grows, so does the cost of putting it on. Don’t worry, it’s a good problem to have and we’ve managed to dream up a solution to the charity issue.

This year, Kenneth and I have decided to take a unique approach to the charitable aspect of the conference. We’re going to focus our charitable fundraising on the buildup to the conference. How are we going to do this you may ask? We’re going to take part in a weight loss competition.

Ken and I are both in our early thirties and we’ve been neglecting the proper maintenance that our bodies require over the last few years. After a few candid conversations, we realized neither of us were happy with the way we felt. So, being the competitive guys that we are, this plan was hatched.

Beginning on April 2, we will be taking part in a 6 month weight loss challenge. How is that going to raise money for charity? Good question.

We’ll need your help! You can join Team Joe, Team Ken or support the both of us. As a supporter you can pledge any amount of money you feel comfortable with per-pound-lost. Our suggestion is $1-$5 per pound. However, feel free to be as generous as you’d like. One time pledges of a single lump sum are also accepted.

For example: If I was to lose 50 lbs. and you chose to join my team by pledging $1 per pound, you would be responsible for $50 when all was said and done.

You can make your pledges here: http://www.electriccitymusicconference.com/charity/

An Instagram account, blog and Facebook event will be established that will document our journey. These accounts will be updated daily and interaction is encouraged. Pick your team, root for us, talk trash and stay connected. You can follow along on Instagram at @KenVsJoe.

Those making personal donations as private individuals will receive a “thank you” on the Electric City Music Conference webpage. Those who choose to donate through their business will receive a Bronze sponsorship package, that includes the placement of a logo on all ECMC advertising material. Any one who donates will also be invited to appear in a social media video to promote themselves, products or businesses if they would like additional exposure.

Now, for the biggest question, what will we do with the money?

Half of all funds raised will be donated directly to the Four Diamonds Foundation and St. Judes. We hope that our contributions can help these wonderful organizations continue to aid families in need. Joe will be supporting Four Diamonds and Kenny has chosen St. Judes.

The other half of the funds will be used to set up the “the Scene fund.” Money from this account will be made available to NEPA musicians and their families during times of need. We will utilize these funds to lend aid in cases of extended illness or to offset funeral expenses. We also hope to make funds available to those who may be involved in accidents or acts of god that result in the loss of equipment or the ability to work, such as car accidents, theft or fire damage. The idea is to lessen the burden of our music community during times of need and possibly help get lives or music career back on track.

The Scene fund will then hopefully be supplemented in the future by additional fundraisers.

Interested in making a donation?
Meat vs. Potato Weight Loss Challenge Pledge
Recommended $1-$5 per pound - but any amount is appropriate.
Note: If you select "I want to support both of them" you will be responsible for the weight lost by both Joe and Kenny.