So, you’re nominated for a Steamtown Music Award. First of all, congratulations! We’ve had a lot of people asking questions. So, here’s a quick F.A.Q. sheet to answer everything!

  1. Congratulations! Just being nominated is a huge accomplishment. Your fans / friends /family did that.
  2. If you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world. The purpose of this event is to get the word out about NEPA music, musicians and professionals. Don’t get pissed off. Don’t freak out. There is always next year. We love you and you’re great. Your name was promoted to TENS of THOUSANDS of people through this entire process as one of the best. Just think about that aspect.
  3. “What should I wear?” – We suggest wearing your most “Rock and Roll” attire. Interpret that as you wish. Some people wear jeans and t-shirts. Some people we suits. Some wear tuxedos and gowns. Some show up naked. Just kidding. No one has shown up naked… yet. Be yourself. Make a statement, or don’t.
  4. “What time should I get there?” – That all depends on what kind of experience you want. From 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. We host a red carpet outside. This will be tented incase of rain. You’ll get the chance to walk the red carpet (with your group or date), have a short video interview, have your photo taken in front of the step and repeat. — The first award will be given out at 7:30 p.m. – We don’t announce what time each award is announced, because we want everyone to come out and support everyone else too. This event is about networking and supporting each other.
  5. “How much does it cost?” – If you’re nominated for an award, presenting an award or performing, this event is 100% FREE to you. If not, it’s only $5. We encourage you to bring a date, bring your family, bring your friends and fans. These are the people who support your dreams. Let them come see that you’re being honored for all of your hard work.
  6. “What do the awards look like?” – That’s a surprise. We never unveil the awards until the night of.
  7. “I’m under 21 or my kid is under 21 or I want to bring someone that is under 21 – can they come?” – Unfortunately, no. The V Spot is a 21+ establishment. This is firm, because they’re generally a smoking bar. Although not during our event.
  8. “Isn’t the V Spot a smoking bar?” – Normally, yes it is. But for the Steamtown Music Awards, the bar goes non-smoking every year! So no worries. Anyone smoking will need to go outside.
  9. “Will there be food?” – Yes, the V Spot will have a full menu available inside and a grill with food outside.
  10. “If I don’t attend, will you send me my award?” – If you do not attend the ceremony, you will not win an award. All winners are ranked in each category. The highest score receiver who attends the ceremony wins the award. We feel as though those who attend the ceremony and support the local music community are most deserving of the awards.
  11. “How will you know if I’m there?” – All nominees will check in at the entrance of the award ceremony.
  12. Questions? Hit us up in the Facebook Event “Steamtown Music Awards Ceremony (5th Annual)” and we’ll get right back to you.
  13. “Where should we park?” – There are a million places to park. Just DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PARK IN THE GLIDER DINER DIRT LOT ACROSS FROM THE V SPOT. They WILL absolutely TOW YOUR CAR. Park ANYWHERE else. ANYWHERE!