Let me start by saying, please, please, please do not share this info with anyone under any circumstances. Below you will find the schedule for event and instructions. 

TO ALL PLEASE NOTE: The event will likely run early. We do every year. There’s also always a chance that we run later. It’s not an exact science unfortunately. However, we will attempt to stay as close to this schedule as possible.


  • What should we wear? We always tell everyone to wear “their best rock and roll attire.” Interpret that as you will. To some people that means their favorite band t-shirt and blue jeans. To some people that means a ball gown and tuxedo. We have people wear suits every year and they look badass. We have people wear jeans every year and they look badass too. We have people wear pasties and boxers shorts or a dress made entirely of vinyl records. They all rock as well.
  • Is this event all ages? No, this is a 21+ event
  • How does the red carper work? We encourage all of our performers and presenters to arrive early and walk our red carpet. You’ll be introduced and asked a few questions for our live stream and you’ll get your photo taken in front of the step and repeat.


  • Bands – you get 3 songs or 15 minutes. Huge crowd, great opportunity, choose wisely. If possible, play to the room.
  • You obviously get into the event for free. When you get to the registration table, tell the people working it that you’re a performer, then tell them the group’s name, then tell them your name and they’ll get you your pass. Please bring your friends, family, significant others etc. It’s a fun event that showcases amazing talent. They all get in for $5.
  • J Merrick / Lucas Hex – you guys get 2 songs each. Please e-mail the tracks to: djhersh20@hotmail.com – Feel free to reach out to each other. I’m fine if you want to trade off track or do 2 in a row. It’s your call.
  • We will provide a backline of: 1 bass cab / head, 2 guitar cabs (you’ll need heads), a drum kit
  • You must bring: Anything additional to the above listed backline (so if you have 3 guitars, you’ll need to bring a cab), cords, drum “breakables” and anything else special that you need, such as DI boxes, pedals etc.
  • You will begin setting up immediately after the perform before you finishes. Stay to the back of the stage as much as possible. We will be utilizing the front half of the stage to give out awards. Go about your business behind us.
  • Please don’t put us in awkward situations by asking to play another song in front of the crowd or anything like that. It makes us look like dicks. But, we’re really just trying to stay on schedule.
  • Load in and out through the back door of the V Spot and you can utilize the hall way for TEMPORARILY stacking gear.
  • You should have all of your gear in that area before the back performing before you finishes their last song.
  • Load off stage immediately following your final song, save hugs, kisses, high fives etc. for 5 minutes later after the stage is cleared.
  • Matt Kester Productions will be running sound and lights. They’re excellent and will take good care of you.
  • Remember, we love you and are grateful for your participation in this event.


  • Please review the timeline below. The schedule below. Performers are in bold. Utilize this as your time stamp. The band that your present after is on stage, we ask that all performers that follow them report to the side of the stage. This is the area in front of the beer cooler, near the entrance tot he kitchen / bathrooms in the rear of the V Spot. For example, when AlphaAudio is on stage, everyone from Ted Hebert to Jesse Faatz should be at the side of the stage waiting to present their award.
  • Ken or Joe will introduce you and you will then come on stage and present the award. You’ll read the nominees.. “And the Nominees for Best… are:” and then open the envelop and read the winner. The winner will come to the stage, you’ll hand them the award and they’ll accept their award.
  • Feel free to be as simple or as creative with your announcements as possible. We support creative, unique and off the award announcements. Remember, you’ve got a big stage and audience, don’t forget to promote anything you’d like to while you’re on stage, utilize the platform to the best of your ability. We ask that you are not disrespectful or purposefully offensive. If so, your microphone will be cut and you’ll be asked to leave. This event is about positivity and community building.
  • You get into the event for free. Go to the registration table. Tell them you’re a “presenter” and then “your name” and they will get you your pass for the event. Please bring family, friends, significant others. This is an honor for you to be a presenter, let them share in the moment with you. It’s only $5 for them.
  • Remember, we love you and are grateful for your participation in this event.

Do us a favor and RSVP to the Facebook event if you haven’t already: https://www.facebook.com/events/1121627074651366/

Time: Award / Activity / Inside Stage Presenter
5:15 – 7:00 PM Doors to the V Spot Open / Check-in / Red Carpet
5:30 PM Red Carpet Begins / Outside Events Take Place
6:00 – 6:30 DJ Hersh In the Mix (inside)
6:30-6:45 Half Dollar (outside on the red carpet)
7:00-7:15 AlphaAudio (inside)
7:00 Charity Check Presentation (outside on the red carpet) / Red Carpet ends at 7:10 p.m. Ken / Joe
7:15 Welcome to the Awards etc. Ken / Joe
7:15 Recording Studio of the Year Ted Hebert / Comedian
7:20 Music Publication / Blog of the Year James Callahan / Camp Rattler
7:25 Radio Personality of the Year Dan Hoppel / Comedian
7:30 Radio Station of the Year George / Black Tie Stereo
7:35 Photographer of the Year Jesse Faatz / 2017 Photographer of the Year
7:45-8:00 Dreamers, Like Us (inside)
8:10 Music Journalist of the Year Jess Meoni / NEPA Cultural & Art Influencer
8:15 Podcast of the Year Carver Cross / Juggalo Wrestler
8:20 Jazz Act of the Year AOS Metals
8:25 Electronic Act of the Year Rich Howells / NEPA Scene
8:30 Acoustic / Solo Act of the Year Hoover / Rock 107
8:30-8:45 University Drive (inside)
8:50 Duo of the Year Freddie Fabbri / Local Radio Personality
8:55 Blues Act of the Year Gene Philbin / Peculiar Slurp Shop
9:00 Lifetime Achievement Awards
Chris Hludzik – Wiggy – Ken & Joe – Glass Prism
9:00 DJ of the Year Bill Lester
9:05 Folk / Americana Act of the Year Pat Kernan / The Weekender
9:10 Hip Hop Act of the Year Joey Graziano / BDP4Life.com
9:15-9:30 Nowhere Slow (inside)
9:35 Jam / Funk Act of the Year Kyle Mullins / Future State Rep
9:40 Tribute / Cover Act of the Year Tennyson Coleman / Fox 56
9:45 Pop / Top 40 Act of the Year Kennedy Kai / Local Radio Personality
9:50 Punk / Harcore Act of the Year Popko / Alt Natives
9:55 Metal Act of the Year Steve Wright / Podder than Hell Podcast
10:00-10:15 Black Tie Stereo (inside)
10:20 Indie Rock Act of the Year PK / Alt 92.1
10:35 Rock / Alternative Act of the Year Duffy / 97.9x
10:40 Country Artist of the Year Thomas The Red / Viking Comedian
10:45 Best New Artist T & Gina / Thirst T’s Bar & Grill
10:45 – 11:00 Graces Downfall (inside)
11:00 Virtual Performer of the Year Brad Beneski / Great Lakes Brewing
11:05 Live Performer of the Year Special Guest App Crew
11:10 Aux. Musician of the Year Steve Werner / Blinded Passenger
11:15 Bassist of the Year Abby Vail / 2017 Bassist of the Year
11:20 – 11:35 The Charming Beards (inside)
11:35 Drummer of the Year Zhach Kelsch / 2017 Drummer of the Year
11:40 Guitarist of the Year John Canjar / Nowhere Slow
11:45 Male Vocalist of the Year Rick Gillette / Nowhere Slow
11:50 Female Vocalist of the Year Max Robbins / Nobody
11:50 J Merrick / Lucas Hex (inside)
11:55 Video of the Year Jonathan Edwards
12:00 Album of the Year Dave Kline / The Aegean
12:05 Song of the Year TBA
12:10 Artist of the Year Vinnie Archer
12:15 The Russello Project (inside)